The trampoline will live on…in part

I wrote a blog the other day about it being time to retire our old trampoline. The frame is shot, some springs are missing and the mattress has a few little holes.

Little did I know it, but right around the same time I was writing about the trampoline, Eric was making a deal.

I guess I should explain that. Eric and his good friends Bob and Tom are notorious for trades. They also get others involved, just so they have fresh stuff to make trades with.
Sometimes it’s just a boat motor part for a vehicle part. Or a hand with some plumbing for a hand with some carpentry work.

One very memorable trade involved about 12 people, a couple lawn mowers, pieces of this and that, and a vehicle or two. Not all of the deals are so high-scale.

One of the interesting aspects of the constant trading from my perspective is that I never know what Eric owns.

“Where did that come from?” I’ll ask when I spot a new thingamajig in the garage.

“From Bob,” Eric will say. “I traded it for a doohickey and six kerflinkies.”

The trades aren’t only for stuff – sometimes there are services involved. For instance, we barely ever have to scrape snow in the winter. Bob usually does it with his snow plow. For the past year or two Bob has scraped our snow using a truck that used to be Eric’s. I think the snow service may have part of the lawn mower/truck/whatever trade. Or more likely, Bob just does it because the three of them are good buddies and it’s the guy way.

So, anyway…I was talking about the trampoline, right?

While I was writing about its demise, Eric was negotiating a trade that includes various things (I think there’s a trolling motor in there somewhere) and has us ending up with an old camper van that currently belongs to Bob.

The trampoline parts will live on. I guess Bob’s grandkids have one that has a great frame but is missing some springs and has a junky mattress. When parts from ours and theirs come together, they will have a serviceable trampoline, and hopefully will have as much fun with it over the years as my kids did.

Trade on, guys!