Where did it go?

Does anyone know where summer went?

It seems like just yesterday my 16-year-old Matt was whining, “Mom, I’m bored.”

Oh wait, that might have been yesterday. But he started the lament the day after school let out for the summer.

After a whirlwind May — which for me included a big trial and preparing for my older son Nick’s high school graduation party —the Wettschreck household galloped full stride into June. We had weekends full of run, run, run, including the regatta, the Nobles County Relay for Life, housework, laundry and gardening. Each day, I struggled to figure out who would be home for supper so I knew how many to cook for. I tried to find a few days I could escape long enough to visit my girl-kid in Rochester, which I never accomplished.

Both Eric and I had birthdays in June, and then July started off with a big party in Forest Lake at my brother’s house. The three-day event took time, planning, coordination and effort, but was a blast, like always.

I came home after a few days off needing a vacation from my vacation!

Then we launched right into July, full of court dates, festivals, college preparation and, as always, housework and laundry. The newsroom staff worked to compensate as we took turns grabbing a few days of down time here and there.

Eric and I tried to get some fishing in, but it didn’t work very well. It seemed like every weekend was full of plans, or if we didn’t have plans the weather was uncooperative. I did catch a few catfish in July, though. I out-fished the guy that day.

August was full of fairs and court and packing the middle kid up for college. Eric and I planned a camping trip for just the two of us, but the middle kid crashed the car a week or so before we were supposed to leave and that depleted our fun money fund.

We actually spent one of the days we were supposed to be camping mucking years of stuff out of Nick’s bedroom. Fun, fun, fun! I did find a few things I thought were long gone, though. Its amazing how much stuff will fit under a bed.

Then the end of the month hit. Wow, what a wild ride the summer had been!

Every year, Eric and I make a vow to not bury ourselves in plans, so we can take the time to relax and enjoy ourselves before the whirlwind of school begins. And every year…well, you just read how it went.

We managed to get one kid dropped off at college, both decked out in school supplies (that is much easier when you can just give them money and send them shopping) and prepared for fall.

So, should we try for an easy, relaxed fall? Well, start with work, the housework and laundry, add apple picking, tomato processing, Turkey Day and the usual school start-up chaos…and let’s just chalk a relaxed September up as a big, fat NO!

In the meantime, where did summer go?

Who knows? Maybe it shrunk in the dryer.

By the way, we have joked in the newsroom about starting to add fun newsroom quotes to a blog, so I have a good one.

Wednesday afternoon, while I worked on an article, I heard our new sportswriter Mike tell sports editor Aaron, “You are the Brett Favre of sports editors.”

What that means, I don’t know. But it stopped the rest of us in our tracks.

3 thoughts on “Where did it go?

  1. Fall is a better time of year, anyway. Bugs die, I don’t have to mow anymore, the fall walleye bite rocks, it’s not hot as hades, and I get to shoot things without going to jail.

  2. Justine, what was your response to the 16-year old. I think that complaint is ok for a pre-teen, but not after about 14 or so. (I never did that as a young teen in the summer because if I did, I got to clean the garage, which included removing everything, hosing it out, letting it dry and replacing/throwing out stuff in an orderly fashion. My friends would come over and watch.

  3. Arnie – Usually when the kid says he is bored I tell him to clean his room or fold laundry. He disappears rather quickly after that, usually with a skateboard under his arm and headed toward the halfpipe in town.

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