Man speak

I remember writing a blog once about how kids seem to have their own language, and how things seem tol get lost in translation, but I have also noticed that men say things different than women.

In spending a large amount of time with my husband lately, I have to chuckle over the way he expresses things, compared to how I explain them.

Eric recently underwent surgery after rolling his 4-wheeler in the back yard. He fractured a vertebrae in his neck, and the disk between c6 and c7 herniated, causing pressure on the nerves in his left arm and hand. The surgeon removed the damaged disk, put in a man-made replacement disk and fused it and the surrounding vertebrae together.

In Eric’s words, the doc took out the squished disk, put in a shim, and welded the whole mess together.

A shim? Welded?

I guess it works, if he’s explaining it to another guy.

The funny thing is that over the years, I have become adept at understanding his language without even realizing it. I also interpret for others without thinking about it.

All these years and I wasn’t even aware that I was biligual. I speak man.