YouTube meanies

Video taping your buddies committing assaults is dumb. Putting the videos up on YouTube goes beyond dumb and into the realm of, well, something much dumber than dumb. Apparently, two of the boy-wonder geniuses have been arrested (big surprise there). One was an adult, the other a juvie.

The video shows eight young males terrorizing bicyclists and pedestrians in Minneapolis and St. Paul. At one point, they even go after a child. The idiots get up close into the camera and, with a wide grin, say “Watch this!” Then the video camera follows them as they come up behind a pedestrian and shove him to the ground or push a passing bicyclist of his bike into a street. Then they all run away laughing.

What complete and total jerks. Sometimes people really suck.

Someone actually took the time to edit the video and add music. In the beginning the really smart participants in the show each get a close up and a caption with what is purported to be their real name and their nick name.

Starring in the video is:
Abdul Yusef aka Lil Stain
Abdul Abdi aka Badelo Badelo
Sharmake Muse aka Shark
Ali Muse aka Jig Saw
Mohamed Abdi aka Marvin
Guled Guled aka G
Abdulahi Ali aka Bighead
Bahnan Abdi aka Gun Play

Watching the video today, I couldn’t help wonder if there is any hope for humanity. If anyone can find it funny that a young teen rushes up behind an old man and shoves him so hard in the center of his back that the man crashes to his knees, the world is getting too screwed up. In whose world does a teenager scaring the heck out of two little kids walking home from school (he even pushed one down a little hill) qualify as a knee-slapping joke?

I personally hope they get shoved over a lot for the rest of their lives.

4 thoughts on “YouTube meanies

  1. I’m in no way blaming YouTube themselves – but it does seem like innocent adolesent humor has transformed into the best shock value that can get the most hits. Be an instant star and doing something thats going to make everyone gasp and forward it to their friends. It truely is a sick sad world.

  2. I agree, Naekay, YouTube is not at fault. They actually pulled the video off when they became aware of it.

  3. This is so sickening. When did ppl start giving up on each other?
    Humanity is circling the drain, about to go down, because of ppl like that. At least you can rest assured mother, knowing you raised your kids to never do crap like that.
    Hey im not saying were angels either

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