Creative thankfulness

In early November, I got a request from a Facebook friend asking people to use their status to give thanks for the good things in their lives and to add new ones daily until Thanksgiving.

“This is harder than it sounds,” the request stated.

For those of you who aren’t Facebook familiar, each person has a “status” they can add behind their name. People tend to “update” their friends that way.

I’m sure many people received the very request I’m talking about. I know several of my Facebook friends are participating.

I decided to play along, and haven’t had a hard time at all, but I’m being creative with it. Some of my friends went straight for the obvious “I’m thankful for my kids, my family, nice weather…”

While I am thankful for my kids, my family and nice weather, I decided to focus on different things. Fun things. And because I am me, yes, the silly things.

Last week I was thankful my really large dog always chooses to lie on the floor by my favorite chair right under my feet because having to move around him without kicking him accidentally is good exercise for my leg muscles.

While I was thankful all of my children came home to see the youngest kids’ play earlier this month, I was also thankful when they all left again.

Just a few days ago, I was thankful there isn’t anything heavy and of the right size to throw sitting by my chair, because my husband had fallen asleep on the couch, was snoring quite loudly, and I don’t know if I could have resisted the temptation to toss something at him. He responded a day later on Facebook that he is also thankful there was nothing suitable for chucking near my chair. (He doesn’t know that I frisbeed his hat in his direction, which landed almost perfectly on his head and startled him enough so that he stopped snoring but didn’t totally wake up. Oops, he probably knows now.)

Yes, there are so many things to be thankful for, both little and big.

With Thanksgiving just two days away, I won’t have any trouble keeping the thankfulness going until then. In fact, there are many I didn’t get to use:

I am thankful for Harry Connick Jr., any kind of bubbles, polar fleece, beer and funny pens.

I am thankful the radio works in my car, so if the vehicle makes funny noises I can turn up the tunes and pretend everything is fine.

I am thankful a chunk of my lower kitchen cupboards stick out far enough that it is hard to see the stuff that gathers in the corners underneath when I don’t clean often enough.

I am thankful my musically inclined son isn’t bad at playing the electric guitar and drums, because it can be quite loud and it’s hard to avoid listening. For similar reasons, I am thankful my dog can’t talk.

I am thankful the trees are now bare so my husband doesn’t have to give them stern looks when he walks outside anymore. I am thankful I was able, for the most part, to keep a straight face while he was still giving the trees stern looks for dropping leaves on the lawn after he had raked.

There are so many wonderful big things to be thankful for each year, each month and each day. Don’t forget to also be thankful for the things that come along each moment. Especially if they are silly.

Happy Thanksgiving.

One thought on “Creative thankfulness

  1. I know for a fact that you are thankful for amusing socks, musicals, musicals on dvd, chocolate, and photographs to keep memories.
    You’re one of the few ppl i know who can have a really bad week and remember theres always something to be thankful for-so mom im VERY thankful for your attitude on life.
    Love ya

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