A guilty pleasure

I was chatting with my son Nick the other day and told him I had inadvertently watched an episode of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” a few weeks while lying on the couch too sick to find the remote.

“It was kind of cute,” I admitted.

“Yeah, kind of a guilty pleasure,” he responded.

We then traded titles of TV shows we watch when nobody knows we are watching. I’m not going to tell you what his were, but he sure made me laugh.

I will admit, I’ve always had a thing for the ooey-gooey show “Full House.” I have no idea why, because Bob Saget drives me abso-lutely crazy. Just the thought of him on the “Funniest Home Videos” show makes me cringe.

But my other son Matt wanted me to watch a video on YouTube the other day. He’s really into music, and appreciates different versions of familiar songs.

He showed me a video from the TV show “Glee” in which the characters sang Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” a song he particularly likes. I had never seen the show, so I looked it up on Hulu (something else he taught me about a couple weeks prior) and watched an episode. Because I had never used Hulu before, I just sort of clicked on stuff until an episode starting loading.

Then I had more questions than answers. Why did Mr. Schuster and what’s-her-name always drool over each other if the weenie guy loved his wife. And why was his psycho wife pretending to be pregnant? And why did the football quarterback believe the head cheerleader’s baby was his if they had never had sex?

Well, I wanted answers to my questions, so I figured out how to use Hulu correctly and watched all the episodes. Unfortunately, the first three or four weren’t on Hulu, so, after a conversation with Nick in which he derided my ability to find things on the Internet, I found a spot to watch the pilot and the first few episodes.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I made Eric let me watch an episode on TV.

“You are kidding me,” he stated, not at all amused.
The show itself is a typical teenage soap opera drama, not unlike the old “90210” or

“Dawson’s Creek.” The first big difference between those old shows and “Glee” is that I never watched a single episode of the old ones because I hate that stuff. If I’m going to be told a story, I want to know how it ends. I have no patience for the on-going, never-ending high drama crap.

But the other big difference? The music. I love the music. It got me hooked.

So, Glee is now my guilty pleasure. I’m not very good at watching any TV show on a regular basis, and I’m kind of involved in a project right now that’s taking up a lot of my at-home hours, but I really need to watch the next episode. After all, I have to see if Finn goes after Rachel, if Quinn’s baby daddy ever outgrows his Mohawk, and if the weird Glee teacher ever dumps his weird wife and hooks up with the weird guidance counselor.

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