Snug at home

I’m working from home today because of the storm, but it is a bit to tough to concentrate on a complicated appellate decision with Matt’s guitar practice going on upstairs.

All things considered, I don’t mind hearing the practice, even when I have to listen to “Check Yes, Juliet” 30 times in a row. I guess it’s better than having a teenager sitting in front of the TV.

There are times it is hard to concentrate in the newsroom, just because it tends to be a gathering place for chaos. Phones are always ringing, people are walking through or stopping in, and interruptions can be frequent at times.

So far in the past hour at home, the only interruption I had was from the dog, Jeffery, who decided he needed to go outside. When I opened the door for him, he took one look out and backed away quickly, changing his mind in a hurry. Apparently going potty can wait until spring, as far as he’s concerned.The nice thing about working from home is the attire. I hardly ever sit in the newsroom in my Betty Boop jammies and Tweetie Bird slippers.

A down-side to working at home is the food options. I had a piece of Matt’s leftover birthday cake for breakfast, and have been nibbling all morning since.

But the wind is really howling out there, and I’m glad I’m snug and cozy in my house instead of battling the elements to try to get to work. It reminds me of our first winter out here on the prairie.

Eric and I both grew up in Minnesota – he lived in rural Stacy and I lived in rural Forest Lake. After we married, he was in the U.S. Navy for 10 years, with the last couple at the Great Lakes Naval Base in North Chicago, Ill.

We were both plenty used to winter and snow storms. But we were used to snow that fell down. Our first blizzard here was an eye-opener. We couldn’t see the neighbor’s house because of the snow, which wasn’t falling down, but sideways.

I wondered then (and still do), if the snow always goes sideways, how does it pile up so much? Wouldn’t it be nicer if it just kept going sideways until it landed way far away?

Well, back to the legalese of the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Apparently Matt got bored with Juliet, because he moved on to computer games. Maybe later we’ll go outside and look for something to do – like unbury our cars.