Kid things that should come in my size

There are several things made for children that I believe should come in my size. OK, there are a few novelty items out there, but most are specialty items, not affordable and not made for real use.

For instance, I think anyone of any size should be able to buy Spiderman underwear. Power Rangers, Dr. Seuss, Harry Potter, Ironman and Transformers are also included in that. Come to think of it, why are kid things featured on underwear when grown-up things are not? Why can’t I buy Harrison Ford or Anderson Cooper underwear?

(I must be honest at this point and admit I am wearing Batman underwear as I type this. I just want more options.)

Another thing I would really like to see in my size – a Sit N Spin. Yeah, it might make me toss my cookies, but admit it. It looks fun. Check this out – from the Hasbro Sit N Spin Website:

“Way back in the 1970s, it occurred to us that spinning and preschoolers are a natural combination, and the SIT ‘N SPIN ride-on toy was born. Here’s how it worked – kids climbed aboard a groovy-looking disc-shaped contraption, gripped its handle, and spent the next who-knows-how-many hours whirling themselves into a giggling, giddy state of bliss. Simple as that.”

I want one. Simple as that.

Every now and then at teen stores or really expensive department stores, you can find adult-sized footie pajamas. You know, pa-jamas with feet. We all wore them at the drive-in when we were little. I did see a pair of Mr. Grinch footie pajamas at a retail store the other day, but in a department that has a whole different idea than I do about what constitutes something “large.”

So, no comfy footie pajamas for us. We’re stuck with the totally lame Snuggie, which as also available in kid sizes and for little dogs. The kid jammies also come with Spiderman and other cartoon characters.

Geez, those darn kids get everything!

I think it would also be nice to have a stroller in my size. Just imagine:

The ladies all go out for a day at the mall. They park the car, head inside, and half of them whip open strollers.
“Me first,” several of them yell.
Halfway through the day, they all change places.
“Your turn to push!”

At some malls they have those cool strollers that look like fire trucks. That’s the kind I want!

Yeah, kids get all the good stuff. Well, OK, maybe there are a few things we get to do that they don’t.

I won’t start listing those.

2 thoughts on “Kid things that should come in my size

  1. Do no dispair! A google search on footie pajamas for women will give you more results than you can imagine. Footie pajamas for adults are out there in many styles including Dr. Suess, Grinch, Hello Kitty, Thing One, Thing Two as well as plain ol’ boring pink (reminiscent of my youth!). However, now I believe my feet might be a bit claustrophobic in a pair of those pj’s!

    Stay warm!

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