Music crisis and cowbell thoughts

We’re having a bit of a music crisis here at the Wettschreck house. Matt’s electric guitar died.

This is serious stuff. Not only is he going through withdrawal (the acoustic ones just won’t suffice), but his band has a show on Saturday night.

Tomorrow we are off to buy him a new one. Well, he’s buying most of it and getting a loan from good old Mom for the rest. That loan will be paid back in installments.

The choir/music/band thing is interesting. I’m glad he’s involved and I’m glad he loves music. And I’d rather see him spending his time really playing it than playing video games. So I don’t mind investing time and money into it.

Not that he doesn’t play the video game version, also. He and I spent several hours Saturday night playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero…I can never tell which is which. It was quite fun, and you have to appreciate his patience with old Mom. Every now and then I get the urge to play Wii and he always indulges me when he has the time.

We’re going to Guitar Center to buy the new guitar. I love that store. It makes me feel cool. I check out the different kinds of drumsticks, look through the music books and sheet music, check out the nifty electronic stuff and consider buying a cowbell for my drumset. Then I remember my drumset was hijacked and taken upstairs, so I decide not to buy a cowbell. But wouldn’t it be cool to have one?

Sometimes when Matt is upstairs practicing guitar or drums I think about how nice it would be to have a kid that was really into chess or scrapbooking. Or anything quiet. I also think how nice it would be to add in the sound of a cowbell.

But all things considered, the noise isn’t so bad. It sounds a lot more like music than it used to, and it’s easy to tell when he is home. And I really like seeing his commitment. I love to hear him sing, and I love watching him onstage.

Anyone interested is more than welcome to head to the Escape Teen Center in Slayton Saturday night to see his band, Parade of Heroes (they changed the name) and a couple other local bands play. I think it starts at 7 p.m., but I’m not sure. I’ll have to check my Facebook invitation.

Come see his new guitar – I’ll own part of it for awhile. Think I should ask for partial custody?