Drop your politics and reach for your heart

In this photo released by the United Nations, an injured earthquake survivor reacts as she receives treatment at a medical clinic set up at MINUSTAH's logistics base in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2010. A 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti Tuesday. (AP Photo/United Nations, Logan Abassi)I was appalled Tuesday night to hear of the tragedy in Haiti, and am following closely the breaking news involving the earthquake that left so much devastation in its wake.

Any disaster, natural or not, that leaves death and destruction in its path is heartbreaking. I can hardly imagine the terror during the quake, and the despair which followed. For the next few days, people will be searching for loved ones, not knowing if they are dead or alive. At one point down the line, just an answer to that question will be a blessing.

I received a news alert about an Associated Press article written as Haitian leaders tried to estimate the number of deaths. Depending on who was being quoted, the number was anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands. I was horrified. Hundreds of thousands of people who were just going about their daily lives were crushed and killed as buildings disintegrated around them.

Then I noticed the comment section of the Web page and my blood began to boil.

Politics and jokes!

People are dead. People were probably still dying as the political idiots sat down at their keyboards and started pointing fingers, accusing, making sarcastic comments and jokes and comparing our president’s response to that of other presidents and other countries.

In this image made available by the American Red Cross in London, Wednesday Jan. 13, 2010, an earthquake survivor clutches his young son, in a shantytown on the outskirts of Port au Prince, following a major earthquake in Haiti, Tuesday Jan. 12, 2010. Haitians piled bodies along the devastated streets of their capital Wednesday after the strongest earthquake to hit the poor Caribbean nation in more than 200 years crushed thousands of structures, from schools and shacks to the National Palace and the U.N. peacekeeping headquarters. Untold numbers were still trapped.(AP Photo/Matt Marek/American Red Cross) Do those crude commenters think about the mother who rocked a dead toddler in her arms? Or the small child who is frightened, in pain, and wondering where his parents are?

No, they are too busy making sly jokes or insisting that if their personal favorite politician was in office, things would be better.

One comment I read stated we, as a country, cannot continue to bail out other countries, and we need to quit giving our jobs to China. One stated America is getting “shafted” by rotten service through overseas countries.

“This is exactly what it will be like in every major U.S. city when Obamacare takes over,” someone else added.

Human beings are dead and this is the first thought that comes into people’s heads?

I just have to wonder…if any of these anonymous commenters were face to face with a man covered in grime, rubble and blood who had just lost his wife and child in the earthquake, would they be spouting politics and hate? Would they blame other countries, declare that any nation should withhold help, or tell them sarcastically to ask Oprah for money since she is rich?

Or would they put down their politics and respond to the needs of those people?A boy looks through an opening in the rubble of his home in the 31 Delmar neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2010. A 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti Tuesday. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

The Internet is a great tool. You can get information easily, you can keep track of friends, you can apply for a job or send a message to a company.

Unfortunately, you can also become an anonymous jerk, a heartless bastard and a political stooge by hiding behind a cute little screen name and saying things by keyboard that you would never say out loud in a roomful of people. To me, this smacks of cowardice.

Every one of you people hiding behind anonymity to make political statements, jokes or sarcastic remarks in the face of such a tragedy should be ashamed of yourself.

To be fair, there are people on the comment section giving the mean ones what-for, but the amount of politics showing up in most of the statements just makes me sick. Human beings are dead and dying, and these cowardly commenters choose to use this as a platform for their left-wing, right-wing, Republican, DFL, Independant or whatever political rantings.

Come out from behind your party umbrellas, take a look around and see if there isn’t a valuable way to spend your time that would help the human race instead of just your candidate.

No wonder I dislike politics so much. There is no humanity left in it.

6 thoughts on “Drop your politics and reach for your heart

  1. You ask If any of these anonymous commenters were face to face with a man covered in grime, rubble and blood who had just lost his wife and child in the earthquake, would they be spouting politics and hate? Would they blame other countries, declare that any nation should withhold help, or tell them sarcastically to ask Oprah for money since she is rich?
    The answer is that most likely, they really are heartless bastards who would do nothing. Speaking it aloud makes no difference as their action would speak for them.
    The Globe is filled with many similar comments you mentioned from the same group of individuals. They spout off an a daily basis their ignorance and their intolerance.
    It’s like The Grinch who’s heart was 2 sizes too small only their hearts never grow back. It’s a shame they are allowed to continue.

  2. I agree with you 100 percent. In times of crisis we need to remember that we’re all human and that disasters strike EVERYWHERE. 9/11 was proof enough for America I would say. The ppl that donated what they could: time, money, supplies, info, shelter, blankets, clean water, anything and everything made a difference.
    I just hope that all the ignorant people realize this and do what they can to reach out and help. Can you give out any information towards that? Are there any charities for Haiti that myself and other readers can donate too? Any other ways to help or any sites that would have that kind of information?

    And as for political bs…unfortunately we’ll always have it. Some ppl see tragedy where others apparently find dollar signs. The best we can do is be better people and help out our fellow man. What helps me these days is this simple fact that ALWAYS stands true: Karma will find everyone. It always has, always does, and always will.

  3. Not EVEN an ANIMAL should have to suffer this way, either by accident or on purpose! Either you care for life or you don’t. You can’t have it both ways and claim your a humanitarian!

  4. whatisup…I guess I don’t get your point. I never claimed to be a humanitarian, and I have never been cruel to animals. I just want people to quit arguing about politics parties and actually do some good.

  5. I must have misunderstood your last statement then in the article? No wonder I dislike politics so much. There is no (humanity) left in it.

  6. I don’t find humanity in politics. I dislike politics because each and every politician is more concerned about making their party look good and bashing ideas through. They lose sight of the people they are supposed to be helping. Always too busy looking for the next election. Even when a politician decides to help somewhere, he has to check it out with the others in his gang. Then they commission a group to study the issue, decide what stand they will take, and by the time they get a butt in an airplane to land in Haiti, things will already be better because the rest of the world that hates politics will have stepped forward, gotten along, made a plan and saved lived. Our leaders don’t lead, they consult the party line. Then the average Joe and Jill step around the arguing bunch, get on a plane and do what needs doing.

    The animal comment freaked me out because I thought you were brining up the stupid cat story. Frankly, I’m sick of the cat.

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