A slippery day

The kids are on their way home again. At this rate, they will be going to class until the end of June to make up the time.

Maybe the kids will still be in class by Father’s Day, which means all the dads out there may finally get that macaroni necklace they have been wishing for.

I think it is unfair that kids don’t make those nifty gifts for dad. Actually, I think Mother’s Day and Father’s Day should be the other way around. Dads should get the day nearer the walleye opener. Moms should get the warm summer day. It just make more sense.

Right now, just the thought of a warm summer day is exciting.

It has been one of those winters, hasn’t it?

Today isn’t really a snow day, it’s a slippery day. Most of the schools are closing early and shipping the kids out so they don’t get stuck with them. I can’t say I blame them.

I happen to be working from home today, not because of the slippery day, but because I’m really not feeling well at all. I kind of feel like I was tumbling in a dryer – all hot and dry and dizzy. I had a feeling it was coming.

Taking a day off to stay home sick is just no fun. I still have work to do, and while lying around sick I can literally feel chores piling up. I’m pretty sure the clean laundry that needs folding watched me take a quick nap this morning. I could feel it staring at me.