Oh, what a week

It’s just another day at the office, you know. Get there, plan your day, check your calendar…then the chaos ensues.

I had my friend Julie laughing tonight with brief tellings of my day. She started it.

"How was your day?" she asked.

"Odd," I replied. "It jumped around a lot."

Basically, in one day I got yelled at three times, made Kari laugh, got asked on a date, danced in the newsroom for a moment, hung out at the Prairie Justice Center for a bit, where I had three conversations at once and got to view porn, talked to at least 30 people on the phone, and ended the day being called a rich white bitch.

In all fairness, I am white, except for the French, Irish and Ojibwe in my background. I can be cranky when I’m impatient with dumb or am in need of chocolate. But rich? People, I’m in journalism. I work in a bullpen. The only thing I am rich in is knowledge, because I get to learn things every day.

Today I learned that 50 years isn’t long enough, that I take oil changes for granted, and that people think if they yell loud, I’ll believe them.

All things considered, I’m ready for the weekend. Mostly anxious to learn if the Vikings can beat the Saints.

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