Outsmarting the men

I noticed the other day that my tube of lip balm is almost gone and it baffled me for a moment, because I can’t remember the last time that happened. Then the truth dawned on me.

The men in my life are not going to “borrow” Raspberry Lemonade Blast Blistex.

Most times I buy a tube of lip balm, I have it for a few days and then someone in the house asks to use it and I never see it again. I usually get the regular kind, not a flavored one.

It appears I have stumbled on to an ingenious method of keeping a few things to myself.
No more herbal or unscented lotion for me! From now on, I’ll buy things scented with lilies and roses. Same goes for shampoo and conditioner.

Well, I’ll buy them the unscented stuff and get the pretty ones for me.

Actually, I’ve purchased lilac shampoo before and the guys don’t seem to mind, so maybe this only works with lip balm. I’ll have to experiment with it a bit.

At least Matt’s feet finally got too big for him to grab my tennis shoes. Now if only I could figure out a way to win the up-down toilet seat war.