And it was good?

In certain circumstances my kitchen can now be seen from the moon, thanks to the addition my husband made over the weekend.

My kitchen has always been a bit gloomy. Shortly after moving in, I removed the beige and tan wallpaper and replaced it with a cheerful white pattern with flowers. I pulled down the yards of thick beige lace in front of the windows and let the sunshine in. My husband Eric replaced the light fixture with a longer fluorescent light.

But there were still gloomy spots. The counter where I do most of my cutting and chopping and whipping and stirring is a bit of a problem because as soon as dusk hits, I’m between the light and the counter and have to try to avoid my own shadow. Since we have lived in the house for 14 years, I have a remarkable understanding of why there is always six more weeks of winter after Groundhog’s Day.

This weekend, out of the blue, Eric put up a different light fixture. This one has four fluorescent bulbs.

He put it up Saturday morning, then decided he should also add lights over the sink and under a couple cupboards. We went out and bought the switches and wire and electronic stuff he needs to hook it all up and make it work.

I had to remove all the dishes from two cupboards so he could take out the shelves and run wires and pound on things and whatever else it is guys do to make lights work over the kitchen sink. It gave me a chance to clean out the cupboards and I found two big bowls I haven’t seen since Nick’s graduation party this spring.

Anyway, a friend stopped by early Saturday afternoon. Eric had put the wiring in place inside the cupboards, but had not run it from the basement yet, so none of the new wires were hooked up or hot. After Bob stopped by, we kind of lost momentum and decided we had done enough for one day. Looking up at the new ceiling fixture, Eric mentioned maybe he could run two of them together, which would extend the length even farther and possibly get rid of my working counter shadow.

We puttered through the rest of our day, then darkness started to fall. I flipped on the new kitchen light and we both froze like deer in a set of headlights.

“Oh my,” I muttered.
“Holy crap,” he replied.

After a moment of silence, in which we both pondered the situation, I couldn’t help myself.

“And God said…,” I said in my best Charlton Heston voice.
“And it was good?” Eric asked.

After another moment of silence, Eric started to fidget from his frozen position.

“Um, I think my glasses are starting to change,” he said, indicating his transitional lenses that darken in the bright sun.

We both lost it and laughed like loons for a bit. Then we decided extending the ceiling fixture by another light would be overkill.

Later that night, our son Matt came home from whatever it was he was doing. Eric and I were in the living room watching a movie when Matt walked in the door and flipped on the kitchen light.

“Oh my,” I muttered as the light flooded the house.
“Holy crap!” Matt yelled from the kitchen.

He is so much like his dad.