Understanding girls

“Why do girls get so crazy about this kind of thing?” my teenage son Matthew asked.

All I could do is shut my mouth and grin, because there is no way I can explain it to him, especially while trying to swallow laughter.

“Because females are weird,” my husband said in response to Matt’s question. “You’ll be a lot happier in life if you just accept that they are different and don’t spend time trying to understand it.”

Great. The purposefully ignorant leading the baffled. You just know this conversation is going to go far in advancing the human race in that whole “Why can’t we all just get along?” proposal.

I’m not sure why men find women so confusing, yet think they are so straight-forward and common sensical. We’re talking about guys, here. They obsess over sports, find motors fascinating, do not have the ability to ask directions when lost and wear neckties. I’m not saying women aren’t weird. I’m just saying guys are, too.

Anyway, back to poor Matt and his question about why girls are so crazy.
The subject under discussion? Prom.

Just the thought of a 17-year-old boy trying to understand prom from a girl point of view makes you giggle, doesn’t it?

Just to clarify, he wasn’t referring to his girlfriend, just girls in general. I don’t want to get him in trouble.

I know – not all girls go nuts over prom stuff. But the girls do tend to take it more seriously than the boys.

I think all males should have to experience prom, from finding a tuxedo to listening to endless discussions about dresses and after-prom outfits. The guys should have to participate in deciding what photo poses to use, how they will arrive and depart, what kind of flowers should be purchased, etc.

It is good practice to preparing for the groom end of planning a wedding. I have watched or heard of many couples having fights involving tears, tempter tantrums and high-pitched screeches – and I’m talking about the grooms. Throw in brides, attendants and a few parents and it is a wonder anyone ever makes it to the altar.

Having a teenage boy undergo part of that process while dealing with prom details is good experience. They won’t get any closer to unraveling the reason girls get crazy about it, but it may help them gain a little tolerance for down the road.

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