Anticipating the expo

The Daily Globe Women’s Expo is coming up on Saturday and I’m looking forward to it. Last year I was supposed to work in the Globe booth, but ended up helping out in various areas instead.

And having a darned good time doing it.

I ended up setting up plastic wine glasses for the wine tasting part of the expo. I did Sue Doeden’s dishes after her cooking demo. I listened to Capt. Chris Dybevick (Dybs) talk about online safety while putting the wine glasses together.

Between tasks I wandered and chatted with people. I ate ice cream and a few other goodies, grabbed a few interesting free tidbits such as a bandage holder for my purse and a little flashlight for my keychain, and had the curve of my spine measured (yep, it’s crooked – I was born with scoliosis). I rearranged tables, met Brian Korthals (our photographer) in the hallway for a quick chat, teased Laura Grevas (one of our reporters) after I found her sitting on the floor in a corner while she live-blogged the event, and rearranged more tables.

I did sit at the booth for a little while, but there were already too many people back there and no room. And I don’t sit still well during these things. I have to be up and moving and seeing what’s going on and visiting and chatting.

I’m scheduled to work in the booth again this year, but have already been told by Dona Ellerbroek (our advertis-ing manager and the one who kept finding other tasks for me last year) that she’d like to use me as a “floater” again this year. I’ll probably do a bit of both, then help fold up tables and chairs and do whatever else needs doing to pack up.

Anyone in the area should come down to the expo. You probably won’t get put to work like I will be. There’s a lot of nifty stuff to check out, try out, sample and see.

And wine. The whole thing ends with a wine tasting. How cool is that?

The expo is at Minnesota West Community and Technical College from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. You can buy tickets in advance at the Daily Globe office, and if you go to our Web site at, you can print off a coupon for a buck off.

If you’re there, stop in at the Globe booth to say hi. If I’m not there, just look around a bit. I’m sure I’ll show up eventually.