My mom, the Queen of Fools

I didn’t give any thought to April Fool’s Day this year. I’m a little disappointed in myself. I was raised better.

My mother, who loves silliness, was an absolute hoot when all four of us kids still lived at home. I don’t know if she still plagues Dad with April Fool’s Day jokes. I’ve never thought to ask.

I think she got him about 10 years in a row with the old rubber band on the sprayer trick. In his defense, she probably put the rubber band on the night before, and poor Dad would get up early the next morning and not be giving much thought to the date. Sploosh!

One year she bought a 2-liter bottle of cola, but dumped the cola into a pitcher and put it in the fridge. Right before supper, she asked who wanted pop. Of course, we all wanted the pop. As we hustled to the table to eat, jostling each other and giving out the usual sibling hisses and glares, Mom poured us each a glass of “pop” from the bottle.

Now, this was back in the days when we each had our own color cup we used for supper every night. I have no idea how or why this started, but Mom had purchased a Tupperware set of cups, each a different color. It was of utmost important each night that we got our own cup. I think mine was the blue one. Pat’s was green, but I can’t remember between Chris and Paul which one had red and which one had yellow. I’m sure they are more than willing to argue about it to this very day, though.

The point of that little side trip is that the “pop” wasn’t served in clear glasses, but in plastic cups.

We got settled in and ready to eat, then someone, I don’t remember who, took a big drink from his cup. And spat the liquid all back out.

Mom had pulled a fast one on us. She had filled the cola bottle with water, used food coloring to make it dark, and just to be a stinker, had added a bunch of flavoring to make it a bit vile.

Good one, Mom.

Of course, this is the same woman who used to dye all food green on St. Patrick’s Day, sends Valentine’s Day cards to all of her kids and grandkids and makes sure her dog gets us all a Christmas present each year. She is fun.

Tuesday night, she and Dad came to MCC’s Night of Jazz to watch my 17-year-old sing and play guitar. Matthew is a member of the Rebel Voices, who are utterly fantabulous. After their first song, my mom turned to me and said, “They sound like professionals!” Later Matt told me that he was watching Nana (my mom) from up onstage, and that her mouth just dropped when they first started singing.

After the show, she walked up by the stage and told Matt what a nice job he had done.

Then she came back over the where Eric and I were standing with my dad.

“Paul, get over there are tell Matt what a great job he did,” she ordered.

Dad hopped up like a good grandpa and did as he was told.

She’s just such a great mom. I’ll have to remember to call her later and see what she did to Dad for April Fool’s Day.

Or maybe I should call Dad and remind him what day it is instead. Nah!