Sturgeon Excursion 2010 part 2

So, you know how sometimes you’re sitting there on a boat and some peanut shells go floating by and you think, “Wow, I could really use a few peanuts right now.”

Well, that’s exactly what happened up on Lake of the Woods last weekend. This guy, they call him Tapper, was sitting one boat over from us, and our friend Tom was eating peanuts and dropping the shells in the water. We were in "The Gap", and the current pushes out into the lake.

“Who is eating peanuts?” Tapper yelled.

“I am,” Tom answered from 30 yards away.

“Send me some!” Tapper commanded.

So Tom threw a handful of them in the water. We watched with interest as they floated right to Tapper’s boat like little salty homing pigeons. He leaned over the front of the boat, plucked them out of the water and cracked the shells open.

“Still dry,” he announced, then shared with his buddies in the boat.

Since Tom was also taught to share, he tossed another handful into the water. They didn’t go quite as straight, but with a little help from the oar, Tapper and his buddies were munching in no time.

I looked over just as Tom hurled a ziplock bag into the water.

“Meat sticks coming your way,” he announced. “Put a $50 bill in the bag and send it back.”

Then a boat came by. The wake from the boat hit the plastic bag and changed its trajectory. Tapper had to get out the oar and paddle the back end of his boat around to get the pepper sticks.

It was pretty entertaining.

Then there was our buddy Cake. Well, that isn’t his real name, but that’s what he is called. Cake, who had stripped down to a pair of long john bottoms, yelled over to Tapper’s boat and said he was going to swim over. I actually have video of this. I think it was right around the time he put one leg over the side and stuck his toes in the water that he sincerely changed his mind. The water was quite cold.

We were just a few feet from Canada. I threw a cookie at Canada. Chocolate chip. Hit it, too.

We were up at Lake of the Woods fishing the 2010 Sturgeon Excursion, a Hot Spot Outdoors/ get-together. A bunch of the FM guys were in a boat I referred to as the Crazy Boat. They were having so much fun, and it was enjoyable to be anchored anywhere near them. At one point, though, it was inconvenient.

“Hey, Justine, do you know why you aren’t going to catch any fish?” Eric asked.

“Why is that?” I asked idly, watching Jamison lean out of the back of the Crazy Boat and grab the motor of the boat I was in.

“Because there is a 20 foot boat on your line,” Eric answered.


“Hey, Jamison. Get off my bait!” I yelled.
Then Jamison almost fell overboard while attempting to see where my line was.

There was a serious amount of beer being consumed on the Crazy Boat. The floor was, in fact, crunchy with cans. I know this because another Crazy Boat occupant, Nick, told us so.

Nick almost fell overboard trying to wrangle a huge sturgeon onto the Crazy Boat. Lonnie was holding the pole, so Nick grabbed it to pull it over the side and almost went swimming. I think he said Jamison had to grab his feet. Then Nick and the wambo-huge fish crashed to the bottom of the boat with the fish on top.

“I wish someone had taken a picture of that,” Nick lamented.

There were so many funny moments and comments from the trip I could never relay them all. Here are a few quick ones:

Jamison watching Nick try to reel in a fish with his Ugly Stick and yelling, “You-Are-Not-Going-Fishing-Today!”

While tallying the fish count and realizing I was ahead, I declared myself the Queen of the Boat.
“I don’t want to be the queen,” Tom mumbled.

You know all those rumors about men always comparing their fishing poles to a certain part of their anatomy? The rumors are true. The guys never ran out of strange comments to make in this regard.

Eric cast out his line and the glob of night crawlers on his hook went flying in all directions for some reason.
“Wow,” said someone on the Crazy Boat. “Eric, that was like watching a fireworks show, only there were night crawlers instead of fire.”

"I just need some foundation!" stated Nick, slipping on empty beer cans as he tried to reel up a fish.

Lonnie, being teased about being grumpy, stated, "Guys, I’d care more if I cared."

"How did you guys do today?" Cake asked. Eric replied that I totally outfished him. Cake just nodded in sympathy, then admitted, "That’s the reason I don’t bring my wife fishing anymore."

Great times had by all, I tell you.