Contrary walleye

After two days of sturgeon fishing on Lake of the Woods last weekend, my husband Eric, his buddy Tom and I stopped at Upper Red Lake on the way home to fish for crappies. We didn’t catch a single one, because the dumb walleye wouldn’t leave us alone.

They are contrary beasts, those walleyes. Kind of like catching as man. They never bite when you’re fishing for them, but try to ignore them and they just demand attention.

I caught about 15 walleyes in a few hours. Since we had just finished practicing catch and release for sturgeon it didn’t seem that strange to catch and release walleye, but it did hurt my heart a little when some really nice ones came out of the water.

There were a few that never made it out of the water, because the line on my pole snapped several times. Apparently, when Eric was home for three months recuperating from a broken neck he respooled every reel he owns, plus a few for some other people. Oh, except the one that I use on a regular basis. He didn’t quite get around to doing that one.

It was kind of funny, because I was using my happy face bobber, which Eric dislikes. How you can dislike a smiley face floating around in the water is beyond me. It’s like frowning at a cute puppy.

So, I’m watching my smiley bobber bounce around in a little bit of chop, then I’d look over to see how Eric was doing. When I’d look back, smiley bobber would be underwater. Oops!

One time, I was actually harassing Eric via video camera when I turned and did a close up on smiley. Just as he got dragged underwater by a fish. I tossed the camera aside quickly, forgetting to turn it off. The next few minutes are a close-up of the carpet on Tom’s boat, a little reminiscent of a Blair Witch clip. You can hear me squeaking and whooping in the background. What a hoot!

Eventually we had to hit the road. We had a long drive ahead of us. First we headed to Arlington to Tom’s house, then Eric and I jumped in our car and we headed back to the thriving metropolis of Avoca.

The walleye opener is in a few weeks, of course, and I probably won’t catch a single one.

Contrary beasts.