Cruising in the Fury

Quite often on a summer afternoon, my husband and I will go for a Fury cruise. We jump into our 1968 Fury III and cruise the neighborhood, often accompanied by our dog Jeffrey.

Sunday afternoon we decided to take a cruise, but since I wanted to stop at the dam, we decided to leave Jeffrey at home. We know he’s a big marshmallow that would never hurt anyone, but strangers don’t know that and get frightened when he runs up to them. Since there tends to be someone out at the dam on most weekends, we opted to leave the big lunk at home.

As far as Jeffrey knows, everyone loves him and wants to be with him. I haven’t been able to convince him otherwise, even though we have had long talks about it. He also seems to think if he holds very still we won’t notice him in places he isn’t supposed to be.

When I opened the door of the Fury on Sunday, he pushed his way past me and got in. I think he knew we were trying to escape without him – he can be intuitive that way. Usually he gets to sit in the back seat, but he pushed past me into the front seat. Then he just stood there very still, refusing to acknowledge I was telling him to get out of the car. Eric had to pretty much lift him out because he refused to move. Ever tried lifting a 130 pound dog who wants to stay where he is? It was interesting. More dragging than lifting.

After we un-Jeffreyed the car, we cruised through town to see who was outside playing, then headed out to the dam.

For those who have never stopped at the Avoca dam, it can be very pretty.

At certain times of the year the water rushes over the dam, at other times it barely trickles over, and sometimes it doesn’t go over at all. On Sunday it was bubbling over quite merrily and there were several people out there fishing. One family had camped at the park that weekend (Murray County maintains a county park and landing) and had caught some beautiful catfish the night before. While we were standing there chatting – there is nothing Eric likes more than chatting with a fellow fisherman – the daughter caught something that broke her line on the downside of the dam while the father missed a bullhead up above the dam. Fish can be tricky.

My kids used to fish out at the dam regularly in the summer. They didn’t even need to bring their own bait because there are always schools of minnows swirling around in the corners and behind rocks. Some darn nice fish have been caught out of Lime Lake over the years we have lived in Avoca.

I took a few photos of the dam while we were there. It can be so pretty.

My favorite time of year is in the fall when the leaves are turning colors. I also love the times of years when the fish are trying to jump up the dam. I stand on the bridge that goes over the water and watch them jump. Sometimes I yell encouragement. It is so cool to watch them try to swim up the water that is cascading down. They start with a mighty leap, then wiggle and squirm their way upward.

On Sunday we could see some of the monster carp swimming against the current, and behind every large rock there was a blob of darkness. It looked like ink but was really schools of minnows.

After chatting with the fishing folk and taking a few pictures, Eric and I climbed back in the Fury and headed back into town. We stopped and watched part of the Twins game at the bar, then headed home to help a neighbor fix a lawnmower part.

Good cruise.