Fun in the Sun

The past weekend was Avoca’s annual Fun In The Sun (FITS) celebration, and we had lots of both fun and sun.

Friday night we danced and sang along with “Double Shot” up at the Avoca Municipal Liquor Store. My husband Eric does not dance. I love to dance. As a result, I do a lot of what my co-worker Kari refers to as “Muppet dancing.” I sit in my chair and boogie away without actually standing on the dance floor. Think Kermit the frog and the little sticks Jim Henson used to wave the skinny green arms around.

Saturday was a very fire department oriented day. We had our open house, and after cleaning up from that Eric and I wandered over to watch the softball games going on at Spike Poss Field.

The games were absolutely hilarious because of a few fun rules. For instance, during one inning the players had to run the bases backward. Instead of heading to first, they had to run to third base. It made for a couple of very interesting plays. A guy would totally jack one out to centerfield and take off running.

“Other way, other way,” his team mates would yell, causing him to freeze in his tracks and do an about-face. It was pretty crazy.

They also had an inning when they had to use a wooden bat and one where the infielders and outfielders had to change places.

And then there were the do-overs. Each team got to use both an offense and defense do-over in each game. One team would yell in triumph as a home run shot cleared the bases, only to hear “do-over!”

What a blast!

Our fire department watered the field down a couple of times, including before the final game.

Honestly, I don’t know what I as thinking.

Eric and I were waiting for a game to finish, had already set up the grass rig and were ready to go. Then our youngest Matt, who is 17 years old, showed up.

“Want to help dad?” I asked.

He shrugged.

“I suppose,” he said, getting out of the lawn chair.

We walked out on the field as Eric drove the truck, then each of them pulled out a hose and started spraying the field. Eric turned a little quick and got Matt’s shoes, then gave him an innocent look. From there on, things kind of deteriorated a bit into a water fight. As I stood there laughing, they both turned at once, almost like it was choreographed, and nailed me with their hoses.

Like I said, I don’t know what I was thinking. But it was so hot that the water actually felt good. A couple people in the crowd asked to be sprayed down, so Eric got them through the backstop.

During the last game, the team of young guys from Currie took the lead. Matt was laughing when he first saw the team because it was partially comprised of some kids who had just graduated from Murray County Central, where they were baseball players.

The Currie crew ended up winning the tournament.

After Eric and I and our fire chief, Tom Nelson, finished picking up all the garbage cans and cleaning up the park, we headed home, quite exhausted. Eric and I had been up late at the dance the night before, and when my dad called to ask if we wanted to stop over, I told him we smelled like garbage and were wiped out.

I laid down on the floor by our French doors and was appreciating the small breeze, when I heard the pagers go off.

Sure, I had been aware of the weather changing and of the “puffalump” clouds, as Eric called them. But I was too tired to care. Until we got sent out to storm spot. Generally hearing our pages go off gives me a good adrenaline rush, so I was fine, but I sure did crash hard that night.

Sunday was fun because my father-in-law Gary came down for the day to play in the horseshoe tournament, and my aunt and uncle were visiting my parents, so they came down to the park for a few hours also. Total kudos to Dee and Waldo and the rest who threw such a great party – wonderful food, good horseshoe games and lots of fun.

A tiring weekend, but a nice one.