A day off

On Tuesday, my husband Eric and I were cleaning up supper dishes and chatting about our day.

"Plans for the weekend?" Eric asked.

Hmmm…laundry, housecleaning, gardening, grocery shopping. The usual.

"How about you?" I asked.

Work on a fire truck, check out Matt’s car, clean up garage, fix a million little things.

"Let’s go fishing," we said in unison.

Sometimes you just have to walk away from the chores of life and have fun. We spent all day Saturday out on Lake Shetek and it was wonderful. We didn’t catch much, but it was great to get out on the water and float around.

The day was beautiful – warm, a light breeze – and we tried to be vigilant about applying sunscreen. Apparently, we didn’t do a good enough job, because we were both red by the end of the day. But it was a small price to pay for an absolute day off.

Just sitting in the boat, laughing at the kids on inner tubes and waving at the other boaters, I felt a couple weeks worth of tension and work and responsibility just melt away. Because we’re us, there was a lot of teasing and jokes and laughter. We discussed everything from current events to Matt’s band. We listened to the radio and sang along with Stevie Ray. At the end of the day, we loaded up the boat and headed out, stopping for supper at the Lakeside Hideaway in Currie.

We came home exhausted, then ended up watching a TV show about animals in Florida while coating ourselves in what Eric refers to as "sun burn goo."

Matthew walked in the house around 10 p.m. and came to an immediate halt.

"Whoa. Smells like aloe in here," he said, grinning at Eric’s glow-in-the-dark burn.

(At least he didn’t burn the top of his head this time.)

The laundry is still there, as are Eric’s million little things to be fixed, but sometimes you just need to look around and say "Let’s go fishing."

It was a good day. A really good day.

2 thoughts on “A day off

  1. I totally agree about needing to walk away sometimes, and those weekends make the best memories. Now if I could just convince my beau to take me fishing again it would be even better. Apparently I cost too much in luers for his taste. In my defense, I told him not to put the fancy ones on my pole if he wanted to keep them around…

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