Fish bullies and life lessons

My husband and I were floating around on the lake over the weekend, and during a lull in the fishing action I started thinking about the premise on which fishing lures were invented.

Not all of them, just the ones shaped like little fish. Some lures look like bugs, some look like worms, my dad had one shaped like a little frog – but many of them are little fish.

There is a serious lesson to be learned from what happens to a big fish when it eats a little fish which turns out to be connected to a person with a fishing pole. Maybe if the big fish wasn’t being so mean and swimming around eating little fish, it wouldn’t get yanked out of the lake and tossed in a pail or threaded onto a stringer.

If the big fish had shown more courtesy to the little fish, it wouldn’t end up coated with hot oil or baked with lemon and some herbs. It just goes to show – even Mother Nature doesn’t like a bully.

I have to remember to tell my 17-year-old son about this life lesson. For one of his classes in high school, he assists in a first-grade classroom. The “big fish-little fish” story is a good way to remind him not to eat children.

Especially the ones with strings attached.