Trotting out the turkey

I feel like I’ve been run over by, well, a giant turkey.

My co-worker and buddy Denise and I spent most of Saturday building a float for the King Turkey Day parade. Well, most of the morning. Then we drove through the parade. Then we took the float apart.

There were a lot of steps involved. Steps up and down a ladder, steps up and down stairs. Climbing up and down from the float.

There was a lot of laughter, a bit of fowl language and, at one point, the stomping of a foot in frustration (on my part). Denise lost the letter S, which we found later, we got rained on during the construction process, and we are now both incredibly adept at changing the bits on battery powered drills. By the time we were through, several people at Ace Hardware knew us by sight and asked how the float was coming along. When I finally got home that night, I realized for the first time how high our very average cement stairs are that go up to the back door. My thighs were feeling like jelly. But it was still a good time.

The really fun part was walking through the parade route with a camera and seeing all the smiling faces. People waved and cheered and shouted.

A parade is fun to watch, but if you ever get a chance to view it from up on a float or walking alongside one, I highly recommend it. It made the battle to get our turkey float ready in time well worth the effort.

As we finish up another King Turkey weekend – well, actually it is more like a week at the Daily Globe – it is kind of tough to figure out my favorite moment. I interviewed the nice guy who found the medallion, got to watch the pingpong ball drop from the top of the Mason building (super cool, by the way), chatted with the fun arrest-a-guest couple and got to wear jeans all week instead of the usual casual dress outfits. But walking the parade route and seeing the enthusiasm of the crowd was like a huge blob of whipped cream fun on top of an ice cream sundae week.

Sunday morning, however, I felt like like I had been run over by the giant turkey that rode our float carrying the weight of the world on his wings. I’m sure I’ll be back in fighting form by Monday, but Sunday is going to be a day of rest for me. Well, after I finish some laundry and process some apples for homemade applesauce, anyway.

You know how it goes – there is always the Dirty Laundry.