A serious discussion


Another hard-hitting chat in the newsroom took place Monday morning. We’re a serious-minded group (I actually typed that with a straight face) and in these days of economic insecurity, war and strife, the Sesame Street/Katy Perry scandal was thoroughly discussed.

Watching George Stephanopoulos interview Elmo and Grover on “Good Morning America” saddened me. Political advisor, world news correspondent … interviewing a puppet.

Say it ain’t so, George!

That is just as nonsensical as having the Palin chick on “Dancing with the Stars.” Star? In what world?

During the Sesame Street conversation, I admitted to my coworkers I don’t like Elmo. The little red muppet has the most annoying voice ever and constantly talks baby-talk, which makes me crazy. I can’t stand it when kids or their parents use baby-talk, so why would a supposedly educational character use it? E gads! Why not just have a muppet speak Ebonics, too?

Kari Lucin admitted she thinks SpongeBob is down there with Lucifer. This makes me laugh, because I actually get a kick out of SpongeBob as long as it isn’t one of those all-day marathon things. Patrick the star fish makes me laugh, even though I’m generally not a big fan of TV and movies that celebrate idiocy.

We all agreed we have a mutual dislike for Barney the Dinosaur, which seems to have run its course, thank goodness. Barney was definitely a cross to bear when my children were young because they loved him.

I’m not sure why I disliked Barney so much. I mean, here you have a perfectly polite dinosaur who loved music and taught children to play nice together and use manners.

And I just wanted to punch him on his big, purple nose.

I’m pretty sure a couple of the kids who starred on the show needed bodyguards to keep from being pummeled by others, and possibly each other. And Baby Bop needed a serious drop-kick.

Now that I am supposedly a grownup and I don’t have little kids, I’m behind on my kid TV programming. The last thing I really remember watching, and that was more with the neighbor girl than my own kids, was Dora and Blue’s Clues. Dora I could take or leave, but I did like Blue, up until her master Steve got busted for cocaine use and got booted off the show, or as they say in TV land, “Left to go to college.”