Leftover issues


“Hey, how many sandwiches do you want?” I yelled, being too lazy to actually walk into the room and ask.

The teenager had just come home from work, it was shortly after 8 p.m. and the husband had just paused the movie we were watching so I could whip up a BLT for the kid. We had eaten earlier, and Matt, who is 18 now, had gotten all sad-faced when I had mentioned earlier I was making BLT sandwiches for supper.

“I have to work from 5 to 8,” he said, all bummed out over missing a favorite meal.

“I’ll save stuff and make some for you when you get home,” I replied.

“Dad will eat all the bacon,” Matt protested.

“I probably will,” Eric agreed from the living room doorway.

“I’ll hide some,” I promised.

So I did.

Bacon is a hot commodity in our house, but I distracted Eric by adding bean with bacon soup to the BLT menu. Remember the whole “more cowbell!” thing? In my house, we go with “more bacon!” instead.

When I asked Matt how many sandwiches he wanted, I was expecting him to choose either one, two or, if he was really hungry, three. I did not expect his answer.

“One and a half.”

Is nothing ever easy with these people?

“It’s a BLT,” I replied. “It comes in wholes, not halves. You can have one or two.”

“But I want one and a half,” he said, launching into an explanation about being too hungry for just one, but not hungry enough for two. Seriously, that’s the short version. There was a long version.

Eric stood there listening impatiently.

“If I eat his other half, can we go back to watching the movie yet tonight?” he asked.

That’s my husband. He’s handy with both problem solving skills and eating leftover sandwich halves.

2 thoughts on “Leftover issues

  1. This sounds like my family! My son (he’s 19) likes simple foods like soup and sandwiches. I hide food from my husband too.

  2. Isn’t it funny how kids always find choice C, even when we give them only A and B. Even my 7 year old daughter does this on a regular basis, mostly when it’s time for her to choose what I am giving her as choices for breakfast. I tell her, you can have either this or that for breakfast, what will it be? She usually answers, how about ___ instead mommy? It always gets me! I guess it’s a good sign that our kids think of creative answers to what we try and get out of them!

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