The best gift


All of my adult life I have sworn that the best Christmas presents I ever received were two little baby boys, born two years and three days apart in December, 18 and 20 years ago. Just like the Barbra Streisand song, I believed my best gifts were delightful newborn babies.

I was wrong. The best Christmas present I ever got came from my nephew Luke this year. He gave me a seat and back warmer that plugs into the 12-volt thingy in my car. Using it is absolute heaven.

During the recent cold snap, I spent a lot of time at the Jackson County Courthouse sitting on a wooden bench. A bailiff took pity on me a few days into a long trial and got me and a few others cushions to put on the bench, but my back was sure sore by the end of each day. Which is one of the two reasons Luke’s gift was so wonderful. Over each lunch recess and every evening on the drive back to Worthington and then home, the heat from the warmer would relieve the strain in my back.

The other reason I loved it was because it was absolutely freezing cold for most of the trial. That warmer heats up way faster than the heat in my car, keeping me toasty until my vehicle thawed enough to kick out some warm air. A few of those days, it was a lifesaver. My car would be one big brick of frozen-ness, but the really violent shivering was held at bay when the warmth from the seat warmer seeped into my bones

My little baby boys were wonderful gifts (so was Maggie, but she isn’t a December baby) and they made the holidays so special, but they ain’t nothing compared to my seat warmer. Sorry, guys.

Thanks, Luke. You rock.