Snow kidding

I was greeted at work Monday morning by an e-mail from my husband, Eric.

“The weather is supposed to get kinda interesting in the next couple of days,” he wrote. “Hold onto your butt.”

The quote from “Jurassic Park” made me laugh, but the thought of more interesting weather makes me cringe.

Especially since I don’t get snow days. Each time the various schools start closing, I wish I could be snuggled up at home with a blanket and a book, or chocolate chip cookies and a movie.

But the real tragedy of having another blast of snow is the loss of the ice road.

Eric has been working so hard to keep a nice road plowed across Lime Lake in Avoca so people can fish. Well, so he can fish, truthfully. He’s happy to share his road with other fisherman, of course.

He borrows his friend Bob’s plow truck and hits the lake, making sure the access is clear, then hitting the gas and sending snow flying. More than once, a few fellows have watched from neighboring fish houses and cheered him on as he bounces across the lake, perilously close to getting stuck a time or two. But he’s determined to keep that road open.

“What are you going to do if you bury that thing out in the middle of a drift on the lake?” I asked.

“I put a shovel in the back,” he replied.

He even clears off a parking lot area by his house, because generally we get a lot of company in the fish house. He has the road so tidy you can drive a car out onto the lake.

But then, woosh! Here comes Mother Nature again, all snowy blowy and stuff, and filling up his ice road!

Since we knew she was going to be difficult, we pulled the house off the lake Sunday night.

Eric is going to have to start all over again on his road. But that’s OK, since he was talking about moving to another part of the lake next weekend anyway. Too many Northerns and not enough perch where we were. He would have had to build a new road or make a turn off from the one he had.

Not that it matters much, because I don’t think boys ever grow out of the Tonka truck stage anyway. They like to build roads and dump truckloads of stuff and plow snow while driving real fast so it flies over their windshield. They find it fun. I was with Eric in the plow truck the other day and I mostly just found it bouncy. I bounced around inside that cab like a rubber ball.

We’d be flying across the lake on the road, the plow would dig in and we’d slide sideways. I’d grab onto a handle to keep from smucking my head on the ceiling, and when I glanced over, I’d see him grinning like a fool. Every now and then he’d let out a “Wahoo!” or yell something about pedal to the metal and stomp on the gas.

You know, given how much fun he has making that darned road, how much fun others have cheering him on and how much fun I have hearing him talk about his latest road building adventures, maybe the loss of last weekend’s road isn’t so bad. He’ll make another road and we’ll all have fun.

I would prefer not to be in the cab of the truck at the time.