Shamrocking the Shake

It is time once again for my annual Shamrock Shake appreciation blog. I have to write one each year, because each year I am reminded anew how wonderful the “available for a limited time only” treat really is.

I was sitting on the back of the newsroom this morning working at the photo computer when co-worker Beth reminded me with great excitement that it was Shamrock Shake time. As we discussed it, there was a hoot of appreciation from Daily Globe Editor Ryan McGaughey’s office. He too is a fan of the minty goodness only available in March.

So much so that he offered to go on a Shamrock Shake run and get us each a treat.

“Justine, do you want one?” he asked as he took orders.

Do I want one? Heck yeah!

Shamrock Shakes bring back memories of childhood, of an adventure I had once with my Dad, of the joy of anticipation and of St. Patrick’s Day appreciation. All of that in a paper cup. Well, maybe not a paper cup.

There was quite the public outcry last year when the shakes came back, but were served in the clear McCafe cups and topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Loyal connoisseurs found the topping a distraction, complained the minty flavor had been watered down from previous years and didn’t like the McCafe cup. Others enjoyed the little bit of jazz the whipped cream and cherry added to the experience.

Last year, the local McDonalds here didn’t use the new cups or add the topping, so I didn’t pay much attention to the complaints. This year, when Ryan delivered my shake, it was indeed in the new cup and topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

I thought the clear cup was pretty, the swirls of vanilla ice cream and mint were pretty, and the whipped cream and cherry were pretty. I can imagine a few circumstances where whipped cream would be distracting, but in this case it seemed to work.

Sometimes I wonder if the people complaining about the recipe changing or tasting different are just remembering things a little bit wrong. I guess I’ve never noticed any big changes in all of my Shamrock Shaking years.

Thank you, McDonalds, for inventing the Shamrock Shake. Mine was delicious.