Bud watch

Last fall, probably a little too late in the year, my husband Eric and I got a good deal on two peach trees. I’ve wanted to put in a couple of peach trees for a few years, but never got around to doing it.

Eric put the peach trees in a different spot than our apples trees, up closer to the house. He carefully wrapped the bottoms so bunnies wouldn’t nibble on the bark if they wandered through when the dog was inside. Then he carefully staked the trees so they wouldn’t get tossed about too badly by the wind. Worried about planting late, we made sure to water them constantly at first.

About a month later, the bottom foot of the trees were not visible due to snow piles. Toward the end of winter (last week?) the piles were closer to 3 feet around the peach trees. Now things are melting nicely and the entire trees can be seen again.

So I’m anxiously waiting to see if the trees made it through the winter. I’m looking for buds.

With the apple trees, we removed their buds for the first couple of years so they wouldn’t put their energy into growing. Should I do the same with the peach trees? Do I have any peach tree experts out there?