In-house collision

My husband and I, both part of the local fire and rescue team, were having a lazy Saturday morning when our pagers went off.

Since we were both still in our jammies, the moment we heard the distinctive noise of the pagers buzzing, which meant the call was for our department, we both jumped up and ran for the bedroom to change clothes.

We had a bit of a Laurel and Hardy moment when we tried to fit through the doorway at the same time. I was flinging off my bathrobe and reaching for a pair of jeans, he was hopping on one foot trying to strip off his jammy pants. There was a brief collision as he headed one way and I whirled around to toss my robe on the bed.

Then we both screeched to a stop when we heard the dispatcher. It was a page to let us know we were under a thunderstorm warning. We looked at each other and rolled our eyes, then I grabbed my bathrobe, slipped it back on and walked back into the living room.

Our son was standing in the middle of the room laughing so hard he was holding his sides.

“Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you guys jump and move that fast,” he laughed, wiping tears out of his eyes.


He wandered away and Eric and I just looked at each other and chuckled.

Stormy weather season is upon us, folks. Listen to weather forecasts, keep an eye to the sky and be prepared.

Oh, and remember to take turns going through the door.

2 thoughts on “In-house collision

  1. Justine,
    I enjoy reading your blogs and can relate to this one. I am from Sibley, IA and my wife and I volunteer on the Osceola County Ambulance. We have had similar moments. Usually only one of us is on call at a time, but when our pagers go off for an MVA (or tornado like last summer) and two ambulances need to roll, we are both racing to get out the door at the same time. Be safe in all you do!



  2. Verlin,
    Thanks for the nice comments! It’s nice to know someone out there can picture exactly what happened that day, ha ha! Best wishes to you and your wife!


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