The couple that fishes together…

 Several months ago, my husband Eric informed me of the dates for this year’s Hot Spot Outdoors Sturgeon Excursion and asked if I wanted to go.

Heck yeah!

Last year around this time was my first trip to Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River, and my first attempt to catch a sturgeon. I didn’t even know what a sturgeon looked like until I looked at some pictures before we left. Turns out they are really ugly and the little ones are sharp. But they are so much fun to catch!

As our children have gotten older and we aren’t as tied to the house or babysitting duties, Eric and I have had the opportunity to spend more and more time fishing together. Whether on the ice or on the open water, we steal time away from work and home and whatever else is demanding our attention and head out for some quality fishing time.

More than once I have looked around the house and noted the piles of laundry that need folding, the carpet that needs vacuuming and the furniture that needs dusting, then ignored it all and picked up a fishing pole.

Having this shared interest has been a great thing for us. My mother told me this winter (when she called my cell phone and caught me in the fish house) that it was a good thing I married a guy that fishes, since I have loved fishing since I was a little girl. She reminded me of instances when our family would go on a trip of some kind and my parents always made sure to include some time by a lake so I could fish in fun places. Wow. I have three brothers, but my folks were setting aside fishing time for the only girl!

Having a husband who shares my passion for it and has the ability to back the boat into the water — something I lack — just makes marriage a wonderful thing.

Catching fish is always fun, but so often the best part of fishing is getting out and wetting a line. Like Eric always says, “Fish are the interesting by-product of the fishing experience.”

With that in mind, I can’t wait to get up on the Rainy River this weekend and toss in a line full of night crawlers. Sure, the by-product is fun, but I want to catch a lunker! I caught the fever last year when I reeled in a 42 inch fish. This year, I want bigger.

With the kid able to take care of himself and the big dog for a few days, the only thing holding us back was the date. It can’t get here fast enough!

I’ve been anticipating the trip for months, we’ve dodged a few potential problems in the planning stages, but now things are as smoothed over as they will get and right around the corner.

Wish me luck on catching a big ole dinosaur of a fish!

For anyone else out there with the fishing bug, feel free to check out for more information. There are some great tips on the forums about what’s biting where, along with information about camping, hiking, hunting, photography, rock picking, canoeing, home improvement and just about anything else outdoors you can imagine.