Boat quotes on the Rainy River

I was on a boat, with no flippy floppies in sight (Lonely Island reference, sorry, couldn’t help myself). It was way too cold for flippy floppies or shorts where we were fishing last weekend. Instead, I wore long johns, jeans, three pairs of socks, boots, a sweater, a hoodie, two coats and my fuzzy hat. I was like little brother Randy from “Christmas Story.”

“I can’t put my arms down!”

My husband and I ended up fishing with some of the funniest people on the Rainy River during our attendance of the Lake of the Woods HSO Sturgeon Excursion. The fisherman (and women) were all on vacation from whatever – work, kids, house chores, life — and determined to have fun. We went into it strong-hearted, battling wind, currents and freezing temperatures. Of course, by the end of the first day we were whipped puppies, but that didn’t stop us from adding another layer of clothes the following morning and heading back out.

There were some nice fish caught, though numbers were down from last year’s trip. Me, I caught a boat. A nice 16 foot Lund with two guys on board.

Either the current, which was very strong, or a fish pulled my hook to a neighboring boat and wrapped my line around their anchor. Do you have any idea how hard it is to land something that big? My arm was sore for days. My husband wanted to keep the boat and bring it to a taxidermist, but the guys in the boat, understandably, were reluctant to hand it over.

Even with the cold and the wind and the snow, we had a wonderful time and are already looking forward to next year’s Sturgeon Excursion. After all, where else will we be able to have a snowball fight while in a boat?

We stayed in a cabin with four other people and referred to ourselves as the Southern Minnesota Redneck Mafia.

Any time a crew of people gets together, there are always a few favorite phrases that seeme to get bandied about, and this trip was no different. About halfway through the trip, some of them decided we had to start writing down our silliest quotes of the weekend. Because I’m me, I pulled a notebook out of my pocket and obliged.

I started out writing the comments down when instructed, then they started grabbing my notebook and writing the quotes down themselves. I’m keeping the pages of everyone’s handwriting because looking at them will always bring me back to this goofy trip.

Most of the comments are just plain silly. Being on a boat in snowy winds will do that to you.

I tried and tried to find a way to tie them all together into a tidy blog about life and parenting and fishing, but I couldn’t do it. Well, not without a huge explanation for each quote. So I’ll just put a few in here.

These are for the Southern Minnesota Redneck Mafia:

~ You need heavier gear!

~  I don’t need no flippy floppies – I got tennie-ennies.

~ I don’t know if you guys noticed, but it snowed last night. (Shortly after we hammered a neighboring boat with snowballs from snow inside the boat. They wanted to know where we got the snow.)

~ I wish the wind would pick up just a little. (As the constant breeze drove snowflakes into our faces — it was like being shot by a sandblaster.)

~ It’s bumpy, but it wraps around. (The river)

~ There’s no wind on Golden Pond. (After a cabin mate set up a pole to jokingly catch fish in the wet ditch in front of our cabin. The puddle was quite deep, but he never did get a bite. Not even the slightest tappity-tap.)

~ You can’t see me – I have my camo on. (When the captain of the boat was trying to hide from the freezing breeze behind the windshield but got asked to come out to the middle of the boat.)

~ That log is not mean; just misunderstood. (After a large log at the landing that had been an irritation the day before saved a truck and trailer on the slippery boat ramp from sliding into the river.)

There are many more, most of which you just had to be there to understand. But suffice it to say, we laughed our way through most of the weekend.

Good times.