Surviving May


Well, we survived prom, we have one choir concert to go, then we have a graduation party and the graduation ceremony. After that, we are done. Not done being parents, of course, just done with high school. Amazing, since my husband Eric and I graduated from Forest Lake High School more than, well, more than several years ago.

Our youngest child will graduate in less than a month, then leave in the fall for tech school. And we will have launched all three!

I just have to survive May.

This will be tougher than it sounds, because when we throw a graduation party, we do it big. We have a lot of guests, a lot of food and a lot of fun. To prepare, I have a lot of food to cook and a lot of house to clean between now and the party.

I know, I know. You’re all saying, “Hey, no problem, you have almost a month.”

But between now and the end of the month, I have a murder trial to attend, along with the usual council meetings and fire department meetings. Once the trial starts, my work days will last 10 to 12 hours and I’ll head home wiped out. The trial is scheduled to end the day before the party. Call me crazy, but I’m stressing it just a bit.

My family is taking it in stride and stepping in to help as much as possible. My daughter plans on coming several days before the party, and my parents will help a lot. I may have to call in the reserves, also known as our elder son Nick. Eric will help, too, but he has to be gone for a week this month for work. And he’s the one that has to clean the garage for the party. If I do that, he’d never find a single thing afterward. Not on purpose, anyway.

Somehow, it will all get done. But I may have to do the kind of cleaning we used to do when Mom was coming up the stairs and we had told her our room was already picked up. In other words, let’s hope no one opens a closet door or goes in the basement. Neither will be pretty.