Giggling with strangers

I was at the store the other day and came across this big cardboard display for some kind of razor for men. The words down the side in big letters caught my attention: “A million guys can’t be wrong”

My first thought was, “Yeah, right. Try asking a million women.” I couldn’t help it — I let out a little snort of laughter.

A woman walking past me came to an abrupt halt when she saw the display and must have had the same reaction, because she mumbled, “Wanna bet?” This, of course, caused me to snicker, which she heard and gave me a slightly embarrassed look, smiling nonetheless. Pretty soon the two of us were standing there giggling like little kids, which caught the attention of a few other women.

 When one gave me a curious look, I gestured to the display without saying a word. As she read it, her eyes got a little bigger and she chuckled, grabbing her companion’s arm and pointing at the words.

“One at a time, or as a whole?” her companion asked, which caused the rest of us to laugh harder.

Pretty soon we all smiled at each other and drifted away to finish our shopping, but for the rest of the day the moment would oc-casionally jump into my mind and I would giggle.

I’m reasonably sure the advertising agency that set up that particular campaign weren’t exactly shooting for this type of reaction. But honestly, stick words like that in front of a bunch of women and what did they think would happen? Unfortunately for the company, it certainly did not inspire me to buy a razor for my husband. Any company that misguided has issues and shouldn’t be allowed to give sharp objects to people.

I sure had fun laughing with a group of strangers, though. If any of those women who joined me in a group chuckle are out there reading this, thanks for making my day.