Cookies of fortune

My mother and I went out to lunch the other day, and after eating, I opened my fortune cookie with much anticipation.

“A gentleman is a gentle man,” my fortune read.

Hey, that’s not a fortune — that’s a statement. And not even a very good one. I was terribly disappointed.

Lately I feel that the quality of fortunes found in fortune cookies has gone downhill. So many of them are non-fortune telling. No serious thought is being put into the fortunes being written, and that makes me sad. I mean, the cookies themselves aren’t very tasty, so we must all want them for the little pieces of fate that are supposed to be delivered with each one.

For some odd reason, I have a collection of tiny slips of paper out of fortune cookies. They are all taped to a cupboard on my desk. I honestly don’t remember putting a single one up there. Odd.

“You project the kind of confidence that strengthens others,” one reads. It’s certainly a nice thought, but not very fortune-y.

“You will receive praise for a job well done,” another states. That’s more like it. It predicts something. Since I have no idea how long it has been taped to my cupboard, I have no idea whether it came true that day.

“You will make a change for the better,” a little slip proclaims. Pretty vague, since it could mean anything from husbands to shoes. It could refer to a life altering decision or a radio station.

I really like this one.  “The seeds of an idea you planted long ago are about to blossom.” It’s all Zen and mysterious. It could mean any number of things and is open to interpretation. Now that’s a good fortune.

My mom doesn’t like fortune cookies, so she gave me hers when we had lunch. I ate it with my lunch leftovers the following day.

“You will soon be involved in many social events,” the little slip of paper states.

Now, that’s a good fortune, but I don’t know if it’s meant for me or my mother. After all, it was Mom’s cookie. I’ll check later to see if she answers her phone. If not, she might be out attending social events.

My favorite fortune, stuck to my desk along with the others, has been there for quite some time. I actually remember the day I pulled it out of a cookie.

“You could prosper in the field of entertainment,” it states.

Hmmm. There’s something to think about.

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  1. Ha!
    A friend and I have, for years, bemoaned the fact that most are no longer “fortunes” but “quips”.

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