Why vandalize?

I just finished reading an article about the I-35W bridge memorial being vandalized, and it sure made me mad.

It seems that just two days after the I-35W Remembrance Gardenwas opened and dedicated, some yahoo or group of yahoos vandalized it, ripping about two dozen stainless steel letters from the memorial’s granite front.

The letters were part of a message commemorating the lives lost in the Aug. 1, 2007 bridge collapse. The remaining letters will be removed until new letters can be made, the article states.

I just don’t understand vandalism. I don’t understand why people purposely destroy and damage things that belong to others for no reason. I don’t understand why such a lack of respect exists. I don’t understand what entertainment lies in spray painting or breaking things.

I’ve written articles about people who desecrate cemeteries, key cars, vandalize parks or bully others for fun. And I just don’t get it.

Hopefully the authorities will figure out who vandalized the memorial and arrest them for it. Unfortunately, all that will happen is fines or a bit of jail time, which probably won’t seem fair to the families of the dead and injured theRemembrance Garden memorializes.

What a shame.