Time in Rochester

I spent the weekend in Rochester visiting my daughter Maggie and her Luke. Some good friends had a co-ed baby shower for them, and it was a lot of fun – especially the silly games. Between watching Luke’s mom drink out of a baby bottle and seeing people sniffing diapers, there was a whole lot of goofiness going on.

Each contestant of the first game was handed a baby bottle half full of beer. The goal was to be the first to drink it down. Through the nipple, of course. If a race track announcer had been there, it would have sounded something like this:

“Aaaand, they’re off! Nine contestants, toe to toe in the race of the day. They’re sucking for all they’re worth, amidst cries of “How do babies do this?’ and ‘Someone, please burp me!’ Wait – foul on the field as Whitney unscrews the nipple and chugs straight from the bottle! She is disqualified, but seems fine with the turn of events.Sandy is in the lead, down to just an ounce and some foam, although it looks as though someone should have put a bib on her before the starting gun went off. Luke and Curtis started out strong but enthusiasm seems to be waning, and none of the contestants are able to keep a straight face, except Sandy, who is diligent. And there goes the last ounce! Sandy slams the bottle to the ground in triumph as the others let out a collective groan. Sandyhas won the race!”

I have it on videotape, so someday I can show my granddaughter how enthusiastically Grandma Sandy participated. In that same line of thinking, I took a multitude of photos during the diaper game. Ten diapers, labeled with numbers, were set out on a table. Inside each was a melted chocolate bar, and participants had to open the diapers, sniff and even taste to figure out which kind of candy bar was in each diaper. Seeing that many people burying their noses and even taking bites out of the contents of a diaper was a sight I won’t forget soon.

A big thank you to Maggie’s buddies, who threw such a delightful event. Special kudos to Sue – what a wonderful job you did!

I got the chance to meet some great people, all of whom I know will be supportive and helpful to my little girl when she has her little girl. That makes a mom feel good. I won’t be able to be there all the time, but she has some wonderful people around her.

It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention Luke’s buddy Chuck, who is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Something tells me one of my granddaughter’s first phrases will be “Uncle Chuck!”

The kids got some beautiful gifts for the baby – a plethora of pink and fuzzy outfits, bottle scrubbers, wipes and a virtual mountain of diapers. I brought Maggie something that made my heart quiver a bit to hand over – the hand-crocheted baptismal outfit my talented mother-in-law presented me with the day Maggie was born. It was hard to give it up, even though I know it’s how things should be.

Later that night, I had the pleasure of watching Luke on stage with the band Luke ‘n Bob Texas. They play country music, covering greats such as Merle Haggard and Hank Williams Jr. I’m normally more rock ‘n roll than country, but for Luke ‘n Bob Texas, I’ll make an exception every time. Watching the crowd dance and laugh and clap while those talented people were on stage was great. Especially since I had just met most of the band at the baby shower.

Luke has a great voice and is a wonderful frontman, and the whole band just looks they are having a good time playing and singing and making music together. If you’re ever in the Rochesterarea, look them up. I believe they have a Facebook page which usually has info about their upcoming gigs.

It does make me wonder what kind of musical talent my granddaughter will have. Maggie sings beautifully, so this kid will be surrounded by people who belt out a tune at a moments notice. It looks like it will be up to me to work on her classic rock education, although I believe Luke is working on a countrified version of “Crocodile Rock” in his spare time just to tease me.