Oops, my age is showing

 Is it strange to find myself so pleased with a perfect score on the peripheral vision test at the eye clinic? Yep, I totally rocked it.

All you do, for the uninitiated, is look through a little thingy (I know, it’s a technical term) and push a button whenever you see a wiggly thing on the screen. Every time I take the test, I treat it as this awesome video game challenge.

I’m not much of a gamer, though I do like some Wii games. The video games of my youth started out as Pong and Breakaway. Eventually I graduated to Centipede and Pac-man. See, my age is showing.

A few months ago, my son introduced me to the joy of Angry Birds. He handed me his smart phone and showed me how the Angry Birds game works. About an hour later I heard:

“Mom? Can I have my phone back?”

Since my phone is only semi-intelligent, I can’t play Angry Birds on it. I had to find it online. It’s a bit addicting. I love the little muttering noises the birds make, and the smug giggles the pigs give out. According to Matt, the one who handed me his phone and got me started (does that make him my enabler?), the birds are angry because the pigs stole their eggs. I have no idea why the pigs wanted the birds’ eggs in the first place, but a fun physics game came out of it, so what the heck.

I saw a thing the other day that said the Angry Birds now have their own store, so people can buy Angry Bird merchandise. I have seen kids wearing t-shirts with the birdie faces.

It makes me wonder why there weren’t t-shirts for some of my favorite games as a kid. Well, I guess I don’t know what kind of shirt you print for Pong. And we didn’t get that until I was in junior high. Before that, I guess I would have needed a shirt for the other games I played with my brothers — Hide and Seek, Red Rover, Do Your Chores and Let’s See How Long It Takes to Make the Youngest Kid Cry. Of course, that last game was usually followed by a rousing round of He Did It when my mother came in the room. It’s amazing what you’ll do to fight boredom as a kid.

My husband had a stock answer for our children whenever they were unwise enough to mention they were bored.

“I had one toy to play with when I was a kid,” he’d bark. “It was called Outside.”

When I was a kid, my mother was a huge fan of board games. I still hate Candyland with a passion, and since my daughter forced me to play about 17 million games of it, I will buy it for my granddaughter when she’s born. Payback.

I still love the old Hasbro Don’t Spill the Beans and Don’t Break the Ice games. Good advice, also. Ants in the Pants is good fun. I gave that game to my co-worker buddy Beth for Christmas last year.

Now why didn’t they make Don’t Spill the Beans t-shirts? I would totally wear one.