Maggie won’t share

Parents, guardians, caregivers out there… have you ever wondered just how those darn kids you raised ended up so selfish? It just amazes me. You give and you give, then make one little request and are shot down.

All I wanted was to borrow my daughter’s child for awhile. Gee, you’d think I was asking for something huge.

Actually, I’m heading up to babysit my granddaughter for two days during the week so the kids can go to a concert. But since my daughter Maggie is planning to visit that same weekend, I figured I could just take Layla home for a few days and then Maggie could come fetch her.

It was really nice of me to offer it, actually. I’m like that. Maggie and Luke both work, are sharing baby duties and could really use the break. I figured I’d just make life a little simpler for them and take their child.

And Maggie won’t let me! How mean is that?

She said she’ll miss the baby too much, she’ll be sad, blah blah blah. Well, how does she think I feel? Apparently I didn’t emphasize strongly enough that whole “share your toys” thing when she was growing up.

Miss Layla Bean will be two months old this weekend, and she has yet to step foot in my house. She still hasn’t met our dog Jeffrey. Or the neighbors. She needs some quality time in Avoca to understand how the town works. She needs some quality time with her Grannie J and Grumps (to understand how he works). Its not like we don’t know how to take care of a baby, unless you count that tendency toward selfishness we obviously didn’t break Maggie of with any real results.

Well, at least Maggie sends me pictures of Layla almost every day and has her call me a couple of times a week.

We got to see Maggie, Luke and the Bean last weekend when she was baptized in Cherry Grove. Layla wore the same gown Maggie had worn as an infant for her baptism, which was hand-crocheted by my wonderful mother-in-law.

I can’t believe what a little chunky monkey Layla has become. She was so gangly at birth, and now looks she has rubber bands around her wrists. She plumped up like a Ballpark Frank.

It was a nice day for a drive, but it’s still a long one when you make the trip there and back in one day. Eric and I jumped in the car that morning, with three people stuffed in the backseat. Luckily they are all skinny. My boys, Nick and Matt, and Matt’s girlfriend Kasey got to battle for space while Eric and I rode in relative comfort up front. Sometimes it’s good to be the mom.

Nick met Layla just after Christmas, but Matt didn’t get to meet her for the first time until the baptism. It was with absolute delight that I plopped my little grandsweetie into Matt’s arms and watched his face cloud with panic. He reacted by trying to hand her back, but I told him I needed to take a picture. Then I took my sweet time getting my camera out of my pocket. Matt stayed absolutely frozen, afraid to move a muscle while toting that baby. I clicked one picture and he asked me to take her back, but then I said we needed to take one with all three kids and that I’d have to round up his brother and sister. His eyes got even bigger at that.

Maggie busted me tormenting her little brother by making him hold her child, but just laughed. My guess is she’ll do the same thing to both of the boys whenever she gets the chance, until they learn to relax with their niece. And she’ll have fun making them panic in the process.

See? She does have a mean streak.

One thought on “Maggie won’t share

  1. Oh Mommy, I told you, you can borrow her…when I’m ready:-) And those brothers of mine will learn to hold their baby girl in due time *muah hahahaha* because i am the mean big sister…and I said so.
    But still, I agree with you that Layla needs to learn how Avoca and Grumps runs. Which is why I will gladly come home on weekends I can and share her with everyone. I worked too hard on her, dangit, to just letcha take her all the time!! You remember-you were there!

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