Seriously bugged

I had a day off on Tuesday, partially because of the 14-hour day I put in on Monday, so I spent the day messing around with various chores. I stopped and picked up the shoes I had abandoned at Slayton Shoe Repair a couple of weeks ago (sorry about that, Leroy), ran to the grocery store for one thing and came out with two bags full of stuff, then headed back to Avoca.

Once there, I stopped to visit with the city clerk about the Avoca Veterans Memorial and the latest fundraising efforts for its construction, then headed home (which is a whole two blocks from the city office). I did a few quick household chores, then decided it was time to get some weeding done in the garden.

This year, my husband Eric and I planted stuff far enough apart that he can still get the tiller between plants for quite a while. So while the weeds were under control between rows, there was some weeding that needed to be done right around the plants. We also planted our peas, cucumbers and squash along fence so the plants can climb, and those all needed to be cleaned up.

After visiting with my neighbor for a bit about ways to fancy up a buffet-style taco bar, I headed out to the garden. I started pulling out weeds, singing to myself and chatting with the dog, who was lying nearby and didn’t look inclined to help. Every now and then I would swat at a bug, but nothing that seriously bothered me too much.

Then I noted the tractor that pulled into the field behind my house. It was pulling a sprayer and some kind of chemical was being distributed onto the field. I didn’t give it much thought until the swarm hit. I’m not sure if the spray chased all the bugs out of the field or what, but yikes!

I was diligently weeding away when I was suddenly enveloped in a huge ball of blood-thirsty, evil bugs. Within seconds, I was bitten about 96 times. Mosquitoes were buzzing and biting my neck and ears, and those nasty little biting flies had attacked my ankles. It was a serious assault.

I tried valiantly to finish the row of peas I was weeding, but I just couldn’t. Someone watching me from off would have thought I was doing some strange dance in the middle of the garden, but it was really just me struggling to put my shoes back on while swatting a bazillion  bugs. Then I broke rank and ran for the garage.

The following morning I was one big welt. I have itchy bug bites on my neck, ears, arms, legs, chest and back. Even my toes itch at the moment.

I really hate being bugged.