Back away from the baby department!

 I found out last week that the baby my daughter Maggie is expecting is a girl. This is terrible news. Not because I’m not thrilled to be getting a granddaughter, because I am, but because I no longer have a reason to stay out of the baby department.

At this point, I have only succumbed once to the lure of tiny clothing hanging on racks looking adorable, and that was a simple red onesie that is appropriate for a boy or a girl. Not knowing what kind of baby was joining our crew made it easier to resist the allure of teeny tiny outfits.

But now that I know who is in there, it’s really hard to not buy her adorable dresses, funky jeans and fashionable shoes. I saw a tiny red, white and blue bathing suit that tempted me, and a snazzy little sundress with giraffes literally tried to jump into my shopping cart until I fought it off.

Why am I trying so hard to resist the baby clothes? Because I remember what happened when Maggie was born. She was the first of a new generation – the first grandbaby, the first great-grandbaby. The one that made all the aunties into great-aunties. That made all the cousins into second cousins.

Because of that, I didn’t have to buy the child clothes for her first two years of life beyond the occasional socks and t-shirts. Maggie had more beautiful, snazzy and chic outfits than one baby could possibly wear in an infant’s lifetime. She was a big baby – almost 9 ½ pounds – and many of the clothes she was gifted with only fit her for a short time. And because we were a young military family, we weren’t exactly out on the town often, so many of those elaborate pink and frilly outfits were never seen on the baby by anyone but me.

I also have to remember that I have a son leaving for tech school in a month, and our resources aren’t limitless. Maggie and Luke’s baby will need stuff, but so will my own baby. In a world of uncertain economy, text books and tuition are needed more than a sparkly pair of tiny jeans with a matching hat.

But they are just so tempting! And wandering through the occasional baby department makes the waiting for baby’s arrival a little easier. I’m impatient to meet my granddaughter, but she needs to finish cooking before she can be born. If she’s anything like her mommy and uncles, she’ll be late and large, but because of Maggie’s health concerns, she could also arrive earlier than expected.

Earlier this week, I stopped at a store for a few items for the house, and found myself meandering through a baby department oohing and aahing over some pretty cute stuff, but I backed away without purchasing one. I was proud of myself, but really wanted to get something baby-related.

I made myself feel a little better by picking up a silly thing for my own baby – I bought 18-year-old Matt a Venus Fly Trap plant, because I knew he’d get a kick out of it. Then my husband and I had fun watching him try to catch flies. Yep, he now has mouths to feed.

I’ll keep trying to resist the outfits that are tempting me so badly, but I know it’s kind of a losing battle. Maybe I’ll have to turn my attention to setting up a nursery in my house in Nick’s old bedroom. A little crib, pretty blankets and sheets — that’s the solution! And I’ll finally have something to do with the 2-foot tall stuffed giraffe that’s been in my trunk for the past couple of weeks that I bought for the baby…oops.