Fashion is a funny thing

Who decides what is going to be in fashion? I’m just wondering, because I would like them to consult me.

My arms are not super long, so why are my sleeves?

I am a bit long in the torso, but not remarkably so, so why do all my shirts stop just barely below my navel, yet all my pants ride so low that I am forced to hike them up constantly like a little kid?

I’m not even going to get started on bras other than to mention they are supposed to be underclothing, and not sticking out of spaghetti strap shirts. Oh, and discreet enough to not show through our clothing. Black bra and white t-shirt? No!

I have always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, but can dress nicely if the occassion demands. Well, enough to squeak through the dress code at work on a regular basis and attend a dress-up event every now and then. But I need to be comfortable.

Every now and then I hear a woman comment (mostly in movies and stuff) that women are supposed to suffer for fashion. Who decided this? I bet it was a man.

Yesterday I picked up a new pair of glasses. I wear contacts most of the time, and my old glasses were just that – old. But at least they covered my eyes! The new glasses these days eliminate any chance to use peripheral vision. They are these little, tiny specks of treated glass.

I’m not saying I want to go back to the huge owl frames from my youth, but there must be a middle ground somewhere, for Pete’s sake! These tiny things may have looked cool on John Lennon, but I’d be happier if I could look at my keyboard without bending my neck down so low I get a cramp.

I think it’s time for women to fight back. We don’t all have tiny little bodies for draping a little bit of fabric over. We have waists where God put them, our breasts should not be pushed up under our chins, our pants should not slide down so low when we bend over that we are in danger of mooning the world, and out underclothes should stay under. Our sleeves should end at our wrists, and our shirt bottoms should be long enough to cover our belly buttons without needing to be stretched back down every few minutes.

Glasses should be functional and not make us worry about being blindsided by a crazed 5-year-old because we can’t see them coming. The world should not get fuzzy every time we look up or down.

Take a stand, people!